Anti-inflammation protocols are a core part of our treatment plans

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How Can I Stop the Inflammation in My Body?

There are many, many contributors to inflammation. In general, the principle is: Give the body what it was intended to have, in optimal quantities, and let it do its thing. Do NOT put in/on the body what was not designed to have. Also, EVERYTHING you put in/on your body affects you, either in a positive or negative way....especially in terms of inflammation. Medical intervention is only a portion of the plan. If you commit to wellness, we WILL see the results you are looking for.

Pain = Inflammation

Any illness, whether acute or chronic, entails inflammation.
Removing inflammation enhances the body's ability to do what it was designed to do.

Anti-Inflammatory Recommendations


  1. Stop/avoid all tobacco/vaping products
  2. Reduce stress and optimize sleep (controls cortisol and the fight or flight response)
  3. Consider removing any amalgams/metals, piercings, or implants to the extent possible
  4. Limit excessive electromagnetic (EMF) radiation exposure (see p. 98 of Forty Something Forever book by Arline & Harold Brecher)

Take Action

  1. Drink clean water (ideally RO/carbon- and chlorine/fluoride filtered, preferably alkalinized)
  2. Eat an optimal protein diet 1 gm/kg lean body weight; Low carb intake (near keto or keto, 10-30 gm net carbs 3x/day), with an organic, non-GMO, 80% plant based diet. Eat this way 90+% of the time or more. No cheats, or the body’s response will take days/week to recover gained ground.
  3. Move/exercise by aerobics and strength training

Take Supplements

  1. Basics for all patients: probiotics, organic multivitamin, vitamins C & D.
  2. May also need omega-3 oil 1-4 grams/day.
  3. Others as specifically needed, such as binders (i.e. oral chelation, zeolites, or prescription med)
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Be Consistent

Treatment will likely take at least as long as you have had your symptoms.

Medical / Physician Care as needed, if above is Insufficient

  1. Address/optimize thyroid function.
  2. Intravenous vitamins and minerals initially, until gut health is good and health condition has mostly normalized
  3. Chelation for detoxification of heavy metals/calcium/free radicals, 10-20 sessions, and/or ozone/ultraviolet blood irradiation 10-20 sessions, initially. EBOO is recommended, optimally.
  4. can help with further investigation and resources if they are needed. Just schedule to meet with our providers.
Woman with inflamed lymph nodes.

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