Prevent a knee replacement and heal your osteoarthritis naturally

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Live X-Ray

Fluoroscopy accurately guides treatment exactly where it's needed


An injection of bio-identical joint fluid that acts as a cushion

Knee Bracing

Separates the joint space, which allows it to heal best

Nearly 1 of every 2 adults gets arthritis, but with proper therapy,
most people can avoid knee surgery.

If you have osteoarthritis of the knee, the protective cartilage in your knee joint has been damaged and the cushioning joint fluid is mostly gone. This causes loss in your range of motion, pain, and restriction in how long you can stand or walk.

Cortisone is the most common injection for knee pain. However, instead of helping the natural cushioning fluid in your knee capsule, it actually dries the knee joint out, further damaging it after repeated injections.

The other common option is a knee replacement (either partial or total), which afterwards leaves 50% of patients still in pain.

There’s another way: Viscosupplementation.

What many call “rooster comb” injections are placed directly into the joint space, using precision live x-ray guidance. This viscosupplement fluid is bio-identical to what naturally occurs in your knee. It reduces friction and allows the knee to heal.

Our goal is to avoid knee replacement altogether. Using our treatment protocol delays surgery an average of 2.5 years! AND, most insurances will pay for treatment since it has been shown to prevent knee replacements.

Man holds his knee in pain.

Think you qualify?

Have you had at least 6 months of knee pain, accompanied by pain even at rest? To demonstrate need for care to your insurance:

Have you tried anti-inflammatory medications?
Have you used any topical rubs/creams?
Have you used a brace or done any stretches, even at home?

Take this questionnaire to assess your need for treatment.

WOMAC questionnaire

Treatment Schedule:

Just like a broken bone takes time to heal – so will the knee.

We’ll perform an initial consultation with x-rays. Then you’ll need an office visit for each knee for an arthrogram to ensure you qualify. Then each affected knee will require a separate day of treatment for up to 5 subsequent weeks.

Every body is different and some may notice improvement right at the beginning and others may take more time. Regeneration of joint fluid could take up to 6 months after the last injection to feel better, but it is worth it to prevent a knee replacement!

A pain-free couple dances on their couch.

Boost your healing with PRP.

We also recommend Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections.

These can be given alongside viscosupplementation. We take your own blood and use a high-speed centrifuge to separate out the platelet rich plasma portion. Plasma contains proteins, growth factors and stem cells that support healthy regeneration. Injecting Platelet Rich Plasma stimulates the body to grow new, healthy cells where it is damaged. In the knee, PRP can help grow back lost cartilage.

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