Non-invasive, drug-free way to optimize your brain's performance

What is IASIS?

IASIS is a non-invasive, drug-free way to optimize your brain's performance. Microcurrent Neurofeedback utilizes gentle electrical signals to recalibrate brainwave patterns, promoting focus, relaxation, and cognitive enhancement. It is much like a gym workout for your brain, improving mental clarity and resilience. With Microcurrent Neurofeedback you can unleash your brain's full potential, naturally.

15 yr. old Emily talks about her ANXIETY & HEADACHES from academics

11 yr. old Giovanni shares about TICS, ANGER and FOCUS

73 yr. old former marine reports on his experience with IASIS and PTSD, PAIN, INSOMNIA and DEPRESSION

18 yr. old Elizabeth talks about ANXIETY and how IASIS helps

How Does IASIS Work?

Unlike traditional talk therapies, IASIS MCN produces a measurable change in the brainwaves without conscious effort from the individual receiving the feedback. The device, under the care of a trained IASIS MCN provider, uses an FDA registered EEG device that uses brief microcurrent stimulation to the nervous system, creating a temporary change in brainwaves. This allows for the delicate release of stuck patterns and disentrains the brain where needed. This only shifts unhealthy and dysfunctional brain patterns—leaving healthy ones to continue as they are flexible in nature. The result is a shifted brainwave state and a much greater ability for the brain and nervous system to regulate itself. IASIS MCN is imperceptible to and requires no conscious effort by the client.

How Quickly Can Results be seen?

Our experience shows that more than 85% of our those that receive IASIS MCN treatment observe a noticeable, positive changes in about two to three sessions; however for lasting results we recommend 10-20 sessions. The length of treatments vary depending on each patient’s unique needs and timing of treatment process. The average treatment appointment is around 30 minutes. The effects of IASIS MCN are cumulative in nature and patients report changes that are generally enduring and sustainable over time. The IASIS MCN device is very helpful in many areas that impact the every day lives of many.

Who Is IASIS For?

IASIS MCN is safe for both adults and children. Our team will complete a proper intake process to assess for any treatment concerns — although, IASIS MCN has been shown to be safe for the mass majority of individuals.

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