The BrainView NeuralScan system - objective measurement of cognitive function

A "Lab Test" for the Brain

  • Memory loss / forgetfulness
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Lack of focus / ADD
  • Distraction problems / ADHD
  • Stress / anxiety

Are you worried that you or a loved one has early dementia?
Do you think that you may have Alzheimer's disease?
Are you suffering from loss of productivity?
Are you concerned that you might have ADD?

NeuralScan quantitatively assesses and often distinguishes various cognitive problems.

Cognitive Capacity

Assesses physiological aging and memory performance

Brain Processing Speed

Tested with ERP (Event Related Potentials). Indicates speed for cognitive processes like decision making, attention, and memory

Brain Activity

Tested with EEG. Allows for early detection of memory loss and MCI (mild cognitive impairment)

Going to the root cause

As your most important organ, your brain serves as the center of your nervous system, controlling all parts of your body. Understanding and maintaining your brain function is important, especially when trying to manage these above issues.

Since separate regions in your brain work together to produce all thoughts and body functions, each region can be measured and tested separately to determine if it is functioning optimally.

The BrainView NeuralScan system is also able to identify mild cognitive impairment and memory loss sooner than other methods, and is able to perform differential diagnosis of depression vs. dementia, and ADD vs. ADHD.

Curious About the Science?

Sample NeuralScan test results on a computer screen.

Ready to get tested?

How it works:

The BrainView NeuralScan system runs a simple and painless assessment that takes about 45 minutes. During the test, you’ll wear the EEG cap, similar to a swim cap. The BrainView NeuralScan system prompts you through a series of simple exercises while your brainwave activity is recorded.

The resulting NeuralScan reveals objective measurements of your brain and heart function that help your doctor develop a care plan that is best for you.

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