Alternative Medicine suggestions ~ Consider these for minor illnesses prior to seeing a provider

Insect Bites

Put Bentonite Clay on the bites hourly, letting it dry on the skin.

Sunscreen / UV

Coconut oil applied hourly during exposure, or try Sierra Madre Sun Cream from


Natrol Melatonin Sublingual Drops or make a tea with California poppy (may buy from Mountain Rose Herbs).

Dry Skin or Eczema

Natural Lanolin or Kukui Oil from Dr. Adorable

Sore Throat

Natural clover honey, local bee honey or Throat Coat tea.

Flu-like symptoms

Take these three daily.

  • Vitamin C based on the person’s weight 3-4 times
  • Vitamin D 5,000 - 10,000 IU 1-2 times
  • Filtered water ½oz per pound of body weight, spread throughout the day
A young girl watches as she is given an injection via syringe and needle.


“Why should or shouldn’t my child get vaccinations?”

  1. Don’t do anything just because you are told to.

    Be the parent! You decide what your child needs, based on their risk and particular situation.

  2. Don’t do anything based on FEAR.

    Don’t be scared into any particular plan of action

Some helpful resources for your consideration:

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Auto-Immune Diseases or Chronic Inflamatory Diseases

(Lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue)

We recommend the following lifestyle changes:

  • Exercise regularly, optimize your sleep and work to limit stress.
  • Drink reverse osmosis, carbon filtered water (1/2 oz per pound of body weight). Consider adding a chlorine and flouride filter as well.
  • Take omega-3 supplements. You may need anywhere from 2-10g daily.
  • Probiotics. Preferably use 5-20 Billion daily. Best sources are usually health food stores. Best to take a blend containing bifidus species.
  • Eat as organic and vegetarian as you can, unless you are specifically allergic to a food.
  • If you have amalgam fillings or possibly a dental abscess in your mouth, consider there may be benefit to having it properly addressed. Amalgam fillings contain 45-55% mercury. Why leave mercury in your mouth when the world is working to limit the use of this heavy, toxic metal in ALL areas?
More info at Dr. Mercola and the American Dental Association
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Comprehensive Evaluation

Want a proactive plan of action?

Reduce Inflammation

Suspect your illness is from inflammation?

Focused Testing

Are certain foods harming you?

If you are asking these questions, it may be time to schedule a consultation