Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease treated without drugs

Regenerative medicine to activate natural healing

A few short treatments long-term results

Reduce plaque and increase blood flow

E.D. can be caused by many things

But poor blood flow is the common denominator

  • Diminished capacity of existing blood vessels
  • Inability to trap blood
  • Plaque buildup in penile arteries causing poor blood flow
  • Neuropathy; loss of feeling to light touch

The majority of all E.D. cases are attributed to diminished blood flow. The penis requires healthy blood flow to become completely erect, and even a slight reduction in blood flow can result in the inability to achieve or sustain an erection.

Other treatment options:

  • Oral medications
  • Penile injections
  • Surgical implants
  • Penis pumps

These options are less than optimal since they do not treat the underlying cause - poor blood flow.

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What actually works.

Acoustic Wave Therapy gets to the root of the problem by stimulating the body to heal itself, handling E.D. on a cellular level to create natural erections.

Treatment is performed using a device that uses acoustic sound waves (a.k.a. low-intensity ESWT). This addresses the cause and not the symptoms by breaking up plaque and blockages and increasing blood flow by creating new blood vessels.

Thus, the primary causes of vasculogenic E.D. are addressed by the body’s natural healing agents, so there are absolutely no side effects.
E.D. patients have a solution without the use of drugs, surgery, injections, or accessories.

  • Long-term results
  • Spontaneity
  • Non-invasive
  • Over 85% effective
  • Helps 70% of non-responders to PDE5i
  • No risks or side effects
  • Natural and safe

A well-researched therapy.

There are literally hundreds of articles published regarding using sound waves (a.k.a. pressure waves) for the treatment of men’s erectile dysfunction (E.D.). A current review article is found in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2017. Herein, the authors offer a thorough review of low intensity therapy “Li-ESWT” for E.D.

Treatment breakdown:

Treatment is performed in the office by Dr. Gerstenberg without the need for anesthesia. A thorough medical consultation is needed to qualify you, then treatment typically is twice weekly for 6 sessions. For more severe cases, additional therapy or measures may be needed.

Increase red blood cells
Mobilize stem cells
Create Nitrous Oxide to improve circulation
Utilize growth factors
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Think you qualify?

Have you done poorly on E.D. pills?

Have you recently (in the last few years) lost the ability to achieve meaningful sexual performance?

Do you have multiple medical conditions that have affected you?

Are you willing to try effective, new therapy and can afford to pay out-of-pocket? Insurance doesn’t cover this treatment.

Take the sexual health in men (SHIM) questionnaire to assess your need for treatment.

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